A one-on-one will help you shed light on your own habitual ways of moving and breathing and ways to compliment and support balance and flow in the body!  If you have specific goals, special needs, or if you are simply looking for a more personalized approach, book a private session below.

Private Lessons

Need some individualized attention & care that extends beyond the benefits of a group class?

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The initial consultation will identify your dominant breath and movement patterns, which may be limiting healthy flow and mobility. With this baseline assessment, we will then explore breath training and movement pathways to nourish and restore your body with unity and balance. A summary of your breath/movement analysis, as well as recommended corrective practices, is included.

Initial Consultation (2 HRS)

2 HR Initial Consultation:  $220

Follow-up sessions encompass breath and movement practices that progressively build, based on your personal development and integration of the practice.

90 min Follow-Up: $180 
60 min follow-up: $140


I was fortunate to have learned about the value of breath work many years ago, and when Megan emphasized the importance of breath work with body movements and poses, it clicked for me in the most unexpected way. My physical and emotional balance have never been better!

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