I am so happy you’re here. This is the home I created for YOU. A space  to use yoga asana, somatic movement and breath connection to deepen intimacy and trust with YOURSELF

My friend!

I am a mom of twin girls, Charlie and Sadie, our sweet dog Ele, and share this incredible adventure of life with my husband, Joe.

For as long as I can remember, I have been curiously drawn to the unseen subtle world. I fell in love with yoga as a psychology/pre-med student, when I realized the knot in my stomach meant that med school was not for me! I was passionate about the miraculous human body but was much more interested in the art of health and disease. 

I have spent almost 30 years exploring the layers of coming home— from the external to the internal. From the layers of bones, muscles and connective tissues of the body to the interior subtleties of breath and light within. I have learned that pain lives in the body— both in the visible tissue and invisible energy— and heals through the body.

The greatest discovery along my path as been the power of breath— our unseen animating force of life, that shines its light along our winding road of healing and living— from being separate and divided to interconnected with the great matrix of life.

To me, the practice of yoga is the practice of living life! It is a never-ending journey of self-discovery and awareness. Yoga teaches us to become quiet, clear, and available to listen. It teaches us to become our own witness. Of everything- not just the pretty stuff! With presence, focus and deep inward concentration, we learn to distinguish between the chatter and fear of our ego mind and the truth of our heart, or intuitive mind. When we practice listening, we get to know ourselves authentically and learn that all the answers really are within us! 

If you’re looking for the gal behind the curtain, it's the honey to my peanut butter, Erin Smid! Erin has been in my life since she took her first yoga class with me in 2008. She is my student, apprentice, substitute teacher, fellow twin-mom and friend! We were inspired to work together in January of 2023 and have been expanding and exploring the possibilities of BreatheMDK ever since.



There isn’t even a word for the magic that Megan teaches. Her classes have been life changing for me on so many levels. Megan is a true unicorn in the world of breathwork, meditation and yoga. Her dedication to her students, her knowledge of the work and her ability to relate to everyone she teaches is exceptional. Am forever grateful I've found her classes and in return become more connected to myself. 


Let's work together

With breath as our center, I am here to help nourish you back HOME—into a loving embodiment of your deepest, brightest, and healthiest self!

First we will remember how to breathe. Like we did when we were 2 years old. Deep and low in the body. Without using our neck and shoulders. Through the nose.

Conscious breathing is really about collaborating with the whole body. And our bodies are designed to move! We use movement to expose and unwind the dysfunctional breath pattern while strengthening the breathing muscles so the body can do what it is naturally designed to do. In essence, we are rewiring the hurt body and realigning with our energy source.

By observing the nuances of sensation, we begin to connect to the subtle body. Internal sensing is referred to as ‘interoception’ - where we build the capacity to observe internal feeling states. Through a deep inner listening, we connect to the fluid tides of the body. We learn the essence of vinyasa — the synthesis of breath and movement.